The T1 Account

A simple, all-in-one forex trading experience. No confusing choice between account types. No uncertainty over what you’ll have access to. Just a single account, with all the features you need. See? Simple!

The T1 at a glance

A quick look at some of the main features of our T1 Account.

Available in


Low Average Spreads




Min Deposit


Spreads are determined by the currency pair traded, available liquidity and market volatility.

1The only cost is the spread, which you know before trading. Rollover fees also apply for positions held overnight.

More than a trading account

The T1 is the ultimate package. We’ve made sure it includes everything you could possibly need to trade the forex market. It’s more than just a trading account. It’s a members’ area. A learning center. A news and research portal. An advanced trading tool. All rolled into one.

Members’ Area

Manage your account settings, funds and more, all from one, easy-to-use interface.

News & Research Portal

Plan your strategy using the latest news and technical analysis, without leaving your platform.

Learning Center

New to forex? Our tutorials, walkthroughs and glossary can help get you ready to trade.

Advanced Trading Tool

Analyze the market and identify new opportunities with advanced trading tools.