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Welcome to the world of foreign exchange, where currencies are bought and sold on a daily basis. Register today and start trading your preferred forex pairs from anywhere, at any time.

Forex trading involves significant risk. Losses can exceed deposits.

Low Average Spreads

When it comes to our pricing, we are totally transparent. Trade commission-free, with low spreads and no hidden fees on 70+ currency pairs from around the world.*

*Rollover fees will apply for any positions held overnight. For more information, click here .

Why choose

We know that forex can get complicated, fast. So, we’ve used the latest technology to bring you a simpler, more straightforward trading experience.

A single, all-in-one account

No confusion over account types.
Our T1 Account has everything you’ll ever need.

With you at every turn

Our support team are with you 24/5.
No matter the problem, we’re here to help.

Simple and precise trading

Our platforms are simple but precise.
Advanced charting and tools give you an edge.

Trusted and transparent

We don’t do hidden fees.
Your personal data is encrypted using the latest security technology.

New to trading?
No problem!

When we say is for traders of different skill levels, we mean it. You might’ve never even seen a chart before. Or maybe you’re more used to trading Apple and Google than euro and dollar. Either way, our tutorials have you covered.

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Why do people trade?

There are many reasons why people or companies might trade.

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What is forex?

Foreign exchange is the conversion of one currency into another.

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What are forex pairs?

Currencies are traded in pairs. You’re always buying one and selling another.

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