Forex Rollover Rates

We are transparent about our pricing, so you know upfront how much a trade will cost. When it comes to rollover, we use the tomorrow-next day rate and keep our admin fee low.

Our rollover rates

The rollover rates displayed are revised daily.

When you leave a trade open overnight, you earn or pay an amount depending on your position and the interest rate differential between the currencies you're trading. This is known as a rollover fee. Our platform automatically converts rollover fees into your account currency. You can calculate the rollover fee for any trade using our calculator. This happens at 17:00 ET and can take up to an hour. Wednesday-Thursday, rollover is charged for three days to account for the weekend.

What you need to know

Before you start, you must understand all the costs associated with trading. Especially if you plan to keep trades open long-term. That way, you can adjust your strategy accordingly.

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What is rollover?

Rollover is a term that describes when trades are kept open overnight.

Since there is no physical delivery of currencies when trading forex on margin, all open positions must be closed at the end of the trading day (17:00 ET). So, rollover is the process of extending a trade’s settlement date or carrying it over to the next trading day.

When you keep a trade open overnight, interest, known as a rollover rate, may apply.

Whether you earn or pay rollover depends on your position (buy or sell) and the interest rate differential between the currencies in the pair you’re trading.