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Forex Calculators

Our calculators are here to help you make more informed trading decisions. They do the hard work for you, automatically calculating important values like required margin, swaps, stop loss and take profit levels, and much more!

How it works:

Swap is the interest that results from holding a trade open overnight. It can be either positive or negative, meaning funds will be credited or debited to your account respectively. Click here for more information about our swap charges.

Our Swap Calculator helps you work out the swaps for your trades, saving you the time of manually calculating them yourself. Simply choose the base currency of your account, the pair you want to trade, the size of the trade and your account type. Then, click ‘Calculate’.

You will automatically be provided with the swap for buying and selling the pair, in both the base and quote currency.

If, however, you’d like to calculate swaps yourself, the equation used is:

Swap = [(One Point / Exchange Rate) x Trade Size] x Swap Value in Points