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About WIG20 (POL20) Trading

WIG20 (POL20Cash) is a stock market index that comprises the stocks of the 20 largest companies in Poland listed on the largest stock exchange in Central and Eastern Europe, the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE). WIG20 (POL20Cash) is a capitalization-weighted index, the base value of which was set to 1000 as of 1994.

Why Trade WIG20 (POL20) with

At we offer WIG20 (POL20) as a cash CFD. Our cash CFDs are undated transactions that aim to replicate the cash price of the underlying instrument, and so they are adjusted for interest.

Benefits of trading WIG20 (POL20) with
  • Zero Commissions
  • Zero Fees
  • Low Margin Requirements

CFD trading involves a high risk of loss


The prices on the images above are for illustration purposes only.

Trading Conditions

  • Margin requirement 2 %
  • Symbols POL20Cash
  • Description Poland 20 Index
  • Min. Price Fluctuation 1.00000
  • Value of Minimum Price Fluctuation PLN 1
  • Value of 1 lot 1 Poland 20 Index
  • Spreads As low as 3
  • Min/Max Trade Size 1/1500
  • Swap Value in Margin Currency Long -0.28%
  • Swap Value in Margin Currency Short -0.08%
  • Limit and Stop Levels* 3

Trading time (server time) 10:05-17:45 (GMT +2)

* Minimum level for placing pending orders from a current market price.

How to Start Trading WIG20 (POL20)?

Step 1

Open a Real Account

Step 2

Download and login to the MT5 platform

Step 3

Double-click on WIG20 (POL20) from the “Market Watch” to open an order for this instrument.